New Dignity Comfort from Hartmann

Hartmann has created a new value based protective underwear. Here is a look at the new Dignity Comfort Protective Underwear.

Dignity Comfort Disposable underwear have a soft, cloth-like, waterproof outer barrier. Stretch panel with pull-open sides makes it easy to dress and disrobe. Superabsorbent for dryness and odor control. Wide interior fluff panel. Packaged in plain white plastic bags. 4 bags per case.  Available in Medium, Large and X-Large.

Medium 32″-44″ 80 per case

Large 45″-58″ 72 per case

X-Large 58″-68″ 56 per case


Prevail Underwear Sizing Guide

Prevail Underwear Size Chart

Use this Chart to determine the correct size of Prevail Underwear.  Prevail Underwear has the following features:

  • Skin Smart™ Hypoallergenic Fabric contains Aloe, Chamomile and Vitamin E for skin wellness.
  • Odor Guard™ technology neutralizes odor, maintaining discretion even for extended use.
  • QUICK WICK™ layer pulls moisture away from the skin for comfort and protection.
  • Soft Cloth-Like Outer Fabric that is more comfortable and reduces the risk of skin irritation.
  • Soft, Breathable Zones allow air to freely migrate to the wearer, helping maintain skin wellness.
  • Printed tagless label on the inside of the back of the underwear indicates size.

Sure Care Protective Underwear

Sure Care Protective Underwear

Sure Care Protective UnderwearThe dignified solution for incontinence care. Finally there’s a way to achieve effective adult incontinence protection without compromising dignity. Sure Care protective underwear is a discreet, disposable low-profile undergarment that offers exceptional containment and fit. It is ideal for use in bowel and bladder training, and offers outstanding absorbency, odor protection and leakage control. Sure Care Heavy Absorbency Protective Underwear are for men or women.


The Dignified Solution for Incontinence Care
• Soft and breathable cloth-like material
• No tapes or belts
• Easy on and off just like ordinary underwear
• Tear-away sides for easy removal
• Wide, super-absorbent core
• Flexible leg gathers

Sure Care Protective Underwear Sizing
1605 Medium (34″- 46″) 4 Green Strands 20/Printed Bag, 4 Bags/Case 80
1615 Large (44″- 54″) 4 Blue Strands 18/Printed Bag, 4 Bags/Case 72
1625 X-Large (48″- 66″) 7 Blue Strands 14/Printed Bag, 4 Bags/Case 56
1630 XX-Large (60”-80”) 4 Black Strands 12/Printed Bag, 4 Bags/Case 48

New Medline FitRight Ultra Adult Briefs

FitRight Ultra Briefs promote a better fit as well as comfort and dignity. FitRight Ultra Briefs 4D core with odor protection helps wick fluid away to promote dryness and help maintain skin integrity. Soft anti-leak guards help to reduce leakage and improve containment. Skin-safe closures provide secure, safe and repeated refastenability. Ultra-soft cloth-like backsheet provides a discreet, garment-like, natural feel. FitRight Ultra Briefs ultra absorbency core and breathable side panels increase airflow and maximize patient comfort. FitRight Ultra Briefs moisture alert wetness indicator changes color when the garment has been soiled.

Lantiseptic | Trusted and Recommended

Lanteseptic Trio

Lantiseptic is focused on delivering skin care solutions. Professionals have trusted and recommended Lantiseptic to care for their patients for years. Lantiseptic has the right products to solve your skin care problems at any life stage. Lantiseptic takes its roots back to 1906 when it was introduced as Corona Antiseptic Ointment. This lanolin-based ointment quickly became a staple of care in homes because of it’s superior protectant and deodorizing qualities. In 1984, Summit introduced Lantiseptic Skin Protectant for hospitals, long-term care facilities and nursing homes. Lantiseptic skin care products are the products of choice for preventing and treating a variety of other conditions.
Dealing with incontinence can present many problems. Adult undergarments and briefs help contain the fecal and urinary incontinence, but if not managed carefully can lead to rashes, skin breakdown and potential infection. Therefore, it is important to maintain a proper regimen of cleaning, moisturizing and protecting your skin.

Lantespectic Clean Protect TreatOur recommended solutions: Cleanse after every incontinence episode or undergarment change with Lantiseptic Perineal Wash or Cleansing Foam. Apply Lantiseptic Skin Protectant to protect your skin from moisture and irritants. If an irritation has developed, help treat it with Lantiseptic Multi-Purpose Skin Ointment.  We recommended this solution to treat common incontinence skin care solutions. Please consult your doctor if conditions persist, worsen, or do not improve in 7 days.

Flush Away Adult Wipes

Flush Away adult flushable wipes are a breakthrough in pre-moistened adult wash cloths for incontinence. Dynarex uses a patented technology unlike standard adult wipes that are only flushable because they are small enough to leave the bowl. What makes these adult flushable wipes unique are their dispersibility. Flush Away adult flushable wipes easily break down back to fibers as it goes through the pipes. As an additional advantage, Flush Away adult flushable wipes use cellulose fibers that are biodegradable. We carry these adult flushable wipes in a hard tub and a soft pack.

Prevail maxSoft Technology

Introducing Prevail maxSoft Technology

Super Quick & Super Soft

First Quality has a history of leading the way with innovative new features. We are pleased to keep the tradition alive by introducing a revolutionary product improvement, MaxSoft Technology.

Using innovative technology and know-how, First Quality is introducing a new QUICK WICK™ layer with MaxSoft Technology to our Prevail adult incontinence products. With adult incontinence products, it is widely believed that products that absorb fluid quickly are better performing, resulting in less leakage and drier skin. Another common belief in absorbent product design is an inverse relationship between fast acquisition speeds and softness. First Quality’s MaxSoft Technology is changing that rule and will now deliver superior softness while maintaining first-class acquisition speeds. MaxSoft Technology is a groundbreaking innovation and First Quality will be introducing this product improvement in multiple product lines over the next few months. You can expect to see the Maxsoft Technology upgrade in the following First Quality Products: Prevail Underwear,Prevail Briefs, and Prevail Bladder Control Pads.

MoliCare Mobile Premium Underwear

MoliCare Mobile® and MoliCare Mobile® light Easy to pull on and off, as solution to urinary and fecal incontinence, that is closer to traditional underwear than an adult brief. Molicare Mobile Underwear provide exceptional leakage protection while providing a secure and comfortable fit. Molicare Mobile provides a very high absorption capacity and strong fluid retention for superior dryness. MoliCare Mobile is ideal for use in cases of severe urinary incontinence and for extended use and overnight protection. Molicare Mobile light is recommended for use by active adults with moderate urinary incontinence for daytime protection.

Molicare Mobile Underwear

Tranquility Bariatric Briefs

Tranquility Bariatric BriefBariatrics is the term used to define the specialty of treating obesity. Obesity increases the risks of other diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, some forms of cancer, asthma, other gastrointestinal and musculoskeletal diseases. According to the CDC two-thirds of Americans are considered overweight and the trend continues to increase each year.
Incontinence is one of the challenges associated with care of the bariatric patient. Product selection is critical but has been very confusing for the patient and caregiver alike. Manufacturers of incontinence products do not have a standard when labeling their products as bariatric. As an example, if you are going into a store to purchase a large shirt, you would have a fairly good idea what the size and fit will be like, with small variations, but how do you decipher the difference between incontinence products labeled XL, 2xl, 3xl, and bariatric? You might think it runs like clothing and a 3xl must be the largest size.
Manufacturers of incontinence products label their largest available product as bariatric even though they may be considered by most to be a large or extra large product. Understand that a product sized as 50”, 60” or even 70” is not going to properly fit a person weighing 300 – 500 lbs. When looking for a “true” bariatric product one must clearly look for a few key features. These include a true bariatric size which is 90”. Another key feature to consider is that not only does the waist fit that size but is the “meat” of the product in proportion to the waist. A large waist with a small pad-like target area is not a “true” bariatric product. Look at features and benefits that address: Odor control, pH neutralization, Leakage and bacterial inhibition as well as a product that will fit the patient and allow him/ her to maintain a dignified environment and lead as productive a life as possible. The Tranquility Bariatric Brief is the “true” bariatric brief that will meet all of those needs of your patient maintaining optimal skin health while achieving cost effectiveness.

Modern Incontinence Products

Modern Incontinence Products are ThinnerModern incontinence products provide high fluid absorption capacity with a smaller product volume. Incontinence products with highly absorbent synthetic granules can hold much more urine than cellulose products. In addition, they are more comfortable to wear than the thick cellulose products.

People with bladder weakness often think that the thicker the material, the better and choose thick cellulose-based incontinence products. They naturally assign the voluminous products a high absorption capacity. This is misleading as the development shows because: High quality incontinence products can be thin and safe at the same time! To rapidly absorb urine and to prevent rewetting, modern incontinence products not only include cellulose but also super absorbent polymer (SAP) capable of absorbing 50 times its own fluid weight. Cellulose can absorb 11 times its weight. So selecting the right material, and not maximum thickness, is decisive! Products with a three-part absorbent core (e.g. MoliForm) provide good protection: the top layer transfers the urine to the inner part, the middle layer can securely hold the fluid, even under pressure, by means of SAP granules; the bottom layer provides stability for the absorbent pad and helps distribute urine within the product.

Higher absorption capacity – Increased environmental protection
Thin incontinence products provide additional benefits. A significantly lower number of truck trips is required for the same quantity of thin products. This reduces fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.

To sum up: thin incontinence products help ensure reliable treatment, while contributing to environmental protection!